Quintara Stone : The Immortal Templar

Quintara Stone : The Immortal Templar Action/Adventure/Historical Fiction Written by: Casey Bowker Art by: Ray Griffin Colors by: PH Gomes Follow the journey of a Templar Knight during The Crusades as she becomes an immortal protector of a world unknowingly infested with Demon-Kind.  

Teachers Suck

Based on the movie by Casey Bowker and Ruben Romero. When vampires come to town on Halloween Night, five teenagers will realize that detention is the least of their problems. Written by: Casey Bowker and Ruben Romero Art: TBD

Madam Bruja

Adventurer, Monster Hunter, Witch. Madam Bruja has gone by many names in her lifetimes and embraces each as she travels the globe fighting the creatures of the night with blazing pistols! Written by: Casey Bowker Art by: Damian Aviles


Writer: Casey Bowker Artist: Darius Johnson Thriller/Action/Comedy Two Detectives, Vasquez and Tyler, must journey across the country to Buffalo, NY, hunting down a brutal serial killer that hollows out the bodies of its victims. BUY THE FIRST TWO ISSUES OF HOLLOWED OVER ON OUR ETSY SHOP! Hollowed #1 – Physical $3.99 | Digital $2.99 Hollowed #2 – Physical …

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The Illusion Witch

What If Houdini and C.S. Lewis wrote a comic book?! A famous illusionist must face her past to save a world that is not her own. Coming Soon from BEHEMOTH COMICS Writer: Ruben Romero Pencils and Inks: Andrea Errico Colors: PH Gomes Letters: Dave lentz Variant Covers: Stan Yak, Alex Monik Thriller/Action/Comedy


Inferi – Coming Soon from Second Sight Publishing Crime Saga/Action Writer: Casey Bowker and Ruben Romero Artist: Rodrigo Catraca Colors: Avery Ferdinand Tan 3 Quantico students and their Professor who travel the globe solving crimes committed by mythological creatures. Little do they know that’s just the beginning as a shadowy organization watches their every move and …

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Pursuit of Plastic

Writer: Casey Bowker and Chris Walk Artist: R.J. Silvers Family Friendly/Science Fiction/Fantasy The story of best friends and geeks, Casey and Chris, who embark on an inter-dimensional adventure through different Toy Worlds in order to stop an evil overlord from taking over the Universe. They’re joined by their helpful and sassy robot Arwen, on an …

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Jesus Twins

Sci-Fi Action/Comedy Writer: Casey Bowker Artist: ??? Cover Artists: Rick Joseph, Ariel Iacci, Vini de Souza Cassidy and Arlo Mercer are two fraternal twins who are sent to heaven after failing miserably to rob a bank. It’s there that they meet Jesus, who sends them on a mission to stop Damian from bringing his dad …

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The Agency

Magic/Espionage Writer: Ruben Romero Artist: Cover Artists: Goris The United States has created the International Agency of Magic to control the use of magic and stop magical related crimes across the globe. While the Chief of the IAM, Embry Eskyll, orders his agents to locate and detain a fifteen year old boy, a new threat …

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